As the name suggests, Lot et Garonne is home to the river Lot and the river Garone, the most prominent rivers in southwest France.

The 602 km Garonne waterway runs from the central Spanish Pyrenees right into the Atlantic at Bordeaux through the Gironde estuary, which is one of the few rivers in the world with a tidal bore.

They flow together through rolling hills and valleys, with beautiful pastures abundant with peach trees, extensive plum orchards and a range of vineyards creating Buzet, Pays de Duras and other Sauvignon and Merlot wines.

The area is also renowned for the many sunflowers, foie gras, prunes, chocolate, la pomme d'amour (toffee apple), and the famous succulent Marmande tomatoes.

Whether you have the time to fully explore and appreciate the Lot-et-Garonne, or you only have a few days to enjoy the place, you will leave with memories and an understanding of a world that people thought no longer existed.


Lot-et-Garonne might not be as popular and famous as the Eiffel Tower, but that doesn't mean it isn't as impressive or stunning. This beautiful location makes France one of Europe's most desirable tourist destinations.

We look forward to welcoming you at Gone Fishin' here in the beautiful Lot-et-Garonne- arrive as guests but leave as friends.


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