Latour-Marliac is one of France’s best-kept secrets.

It is the official creator and supplier of Claude Monet’s iconic water lilies.


 There are a lot of water lilies and lotuses in the nursery of Latour-Marliac, the oldest of its kind in the entire world.

 This site has also become one of Lot-et-Garonne’s most coveted tourist spots. In 2004, France’s Ministry of Culture and Communications named it “Jardin Remarquable” for its exceptional beauty and historical importance.

Once you see this garden, you will understand why and how its water lilies made France famous for it.

 The nursery boasts over 300 varieties of water lilies in the French National Water Lily Collection, and thousands more in their cultivation pools, the stunning glasshouse that houses the Victoria, a giant water lily from the Amazon, manicured gardens, an impressive bamboo collection, a museum, and a boutique.

Take a tour around Latour-Marliac

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