If you’ve always found old churches a delight, Pujols has two to offer.


When you enter the old town square, you would pass under the huge tower of the ostentatious Gothic St-Nicolas that has star-vaulted high ceilings and a Renaissance mausoleum.


 The other and more popular church, 15th-century Ste-Foy la Jeune, contains faded and fugitive frescoes dating from the period of St. George to St. Foy of Agen. St. Foy was a 3rd-century maiden who was burned by the Romans.

 Aside from the colourful frescoes, the hilltop location of Pujols offers stunning panoramic views of the nearby countryside.

 The town also has quality restaurants where guests can enjoy top-notch French cuisine while gazing at the lovely view.

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