Chateau de Bonaguil

This was the last of the equipped castles in France.

The Chateau was constructed sometime in the 13th century, but it was restructured and refurbished by the end of the 15th century Berenger de Roquefeuil, who fortified it by the end of the middle ages. 



The Chateau Bonaguil, classified as a historic monument since 1862, is a military marvel. It covered 7500 square metres, featured state-of-the-art artillery during its time, for defence and in adapting the defences for protection against it, but it was, unfortunately, outdated by the time it was completed. It was never attacked, so its purpose was never served.

 Nevertheless, it serves another purpose: to attract tourists and promote the department. The castle still has its medieval vibe. It has a total of six towers, one of them considered the most beautiful in the entire country, and they were adorned with embellishments that made the chateau a jewel of the time the lords were living there. 

 For the children, there are also workshops where they could etch on hardened clay, like the graffiti found on some of the walls of the towers.

A drones view around the castle.

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